Why Wallpaper


Wallpaper adds interest to any home. With its endless variety of colours, textures and patterns, wallpaper can help you set a theme for your home and create flow by carrying that style through every room of your house. 

Here are our views on the aesthetic and practical reasons for using wallpaper in your home.

Visual appeal 

wallpaper provides a level of creativity hard to achieve with paint. Wallpapers today offer a wide variety of styles, and there literally is, something for everyone.

Versatility – wallpaper design has come a long way.  It is easily changeable when you want a new “look.” Use it in alcoves, on chimney breasts or behind shelving to add that extra dimension and interest to a room. Easy to clean – modern wallpaper usually spongeable,washable or scrubbable and is more durable than it used to be.

Cost-effectiveness – although the upfront cost of wallpaper verses paint is higher, its durability will save you money over time.

Ease of application – most wallpapers today are ‘paste the wall’ –  a much easier and cleaner alternative to the traditional ‘paste the paper, and no pasting table required.

Easy removal – put that steamer away because when you want a change, most wallpapers now are relatively easy to peel off.

Wallpaper is for creative people – is that you? Wallpaper adds personality to a room, allowing you to use it as an accent on just one wall coordinating with paint colours, or to cover an entire room with complementary papers. The choice and variety of wallpaper has never been greater.

What are you waiting for?