How do I place an order?

Email or phone your requirements. We will need the number of rolls, a delivery address (the cost of a business address is often less than a home address) and your preferred method of payment. A quotation / invoice for your consideration will be emailed asap.


What is the difference between bank transfer and PayPal?

We are quite happy to accept payment by bank transfer or PayPal. If you pay through PayPal you have the security of using your debit / credit cards. We need to know your preferred method of payment so that you are sent the appropriate invoice.

How long will delivery take?

Once the payment is cleared we can process the order and arrange dispatch from the distributor. On most papers we quote a delivery of 2-3 days although often it is sooner.

What paste do I use?

Most papers require a ready mix tub adhesive suitable for paste-the-wall wallpapers.

Why should I keep the label?

Keeping the label ensures that you have the wallpaper instructions at hand. You might also need the batch number if additional rolls are required. Although we cannot guarantee that we can source the same batch numbers from the UK distributors, we always ask if this is possible.

Can I return a roll of wallpaper?

We are unable to accept the return of part orders. This is because the batch numbers can vary, which often makes single rolls unsaleable, so the distributors will not take them back.

How big is a roll of wallpaper?

Most wallpapers are approximately 10 m long and 52/53 cm wide.

Why is the pattern repeat important?

You need to make sure that the pattern matches on each ‘drop’ of wallpaper. As a general rule of thumb, if a pattern repeat is 53 cm or 64 cm you will get 3 drops, covering a wall width of 1.59 m from each roll, on a standard height wall. With no pattern repeat or a small pattern repeat you can usually get 4 drops from a roll, covering a wall width of 2.12 m. We are quite happy to give an estimate, although we would recommend a second opinion if you are unsure, as we would not want to over or undersell the wallpaper.

Do you sell plain papers to complement the feature wallpapers?

We have many papers which complement the statement/feature wallpapers. Small samples can be added to your three free samples, if required.