Why you should choose geometric wallpaper.

Geometric wallpapers can add real drama to your new interior design.

Using modern printing techniques geometric style wallpaper designs have changed considerably since the 1960s. So they are now available in many colour mixes and eye-catching textures and patterns. With a bit of forward planning, whilst adhering to a number of guidelines, you should be able to create a stunning scheme.

Geo papers often have bold designs, including those which create an optical illusion. Do avoid over cluttering your room. It is a good idea not to have furnishings which might clash with the strong pattern or styling.  Geo retro wallpapers often work really well with streamlined simple furniture so that the whole space does not look too ‘fussy’. Paint colours should be chosen which set off the wallpaper. It is easy to pick out one or two of the colours in the wallpaper and reflect this in accessories around a space.

Do not forget to consider scale. If you use a large print on all the walls in a small area it can be overbearing, whilst the same print used selectively, maybe on one wall, can create real impact, even in a bathroom. Smaller prints can sometimes work really well in smaller spaces, maybe under a dado rail or in an alcove and some designers even use them on furniture.

We offer samples of wallpapers so that you can see how various elements complement the wallpaper with the advantage that customers can also see them under various lighting conditions. We are really proud of those we have chosen to showcase and supply. Just look at the selection of our geometric wallpaper page.