living room textured wallpaper

Seven reasons for buying wallpaper direct from a small online company like Barncroft Wallpaper.

Many consumers don’t think about buying wallpaper direct from smaller independents and go straight to the big names. Yet, independent companies can offer many advantages that are more difficult for larger firms. From Barncroft Wallpaper, we pride ourselves on:


  1. Friendly independent advice.By directly contacting a small company, like Barncroft, you will always be communicating with a person, not a computer! You will receive knowledgeable information and we always welcome questions about any of the wallpapers on our site.
  2. A personal individualised service and interior design advice.If, for example, you are looking for a wallpaper to complement a feature wall, we will scour the samples book and send you a selection for comparison. With our interior design qualification we are also able to give guidance and advice on paint colour. This is a free service.
  3. Competitive discounts, whenever possible.As a small company we are often able to offer discounts, price matching where realistically possible. It is always worth asking for a quotation.
  4. Three free samples, for comparison.It is very difficult to accurately represent texture and colour on a computer screen, so we offer three free samples so that you can compare in the comfort of your own home, under differing light conditions.
  5. Avoiding waste.Too many unwanted wallpaper samples are just thrown away. Customers are requested, if possible, to send unwanted samples back to us so that they can be reused.
  6. The opportunity to directly purchase stylised, good quality wallpapers. We are not tied to any one wallpaper range, so we only place those wallpapers which we believe have that something extra. And, of course, we have to personally like them!
  7. An efficient wallpaper supply service. We organise and send out your samples quickly, ensuring that you can make an easy and timely decision.


So, give us a go – you might be impressed!