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This page includes many silver wallpapers. Some are shiny, some have glitter, some textured. Scroll down to find the perfect styling for your scheme!

Silver Wallpaper

Just choose three of your favourite grey and silver wallpaper designs and we will forward samples. If you click each image you will have a clearer view of these impressive wallpaper designs.

The lines on this tessellated pattern are clearly defined in silver. An eye-catching option!

brushed grey and silver SFX676G98
PRICE £36.95
textured white and silver wallpaper SFX676G99
PRICE £36.95
leather effect silver wallpaper OR1633P924
PRICE £47.00
grass cloth effect silver wallpaper MAD10G04
PRICE £40.95
diamond silver wallpaper SY1116G2009
PRICE £34.95
smooth brushed silver SY1116G2306
PRICE £29.95
silver sparkle SY1116G3009
PRICE £44.95
silver foil effect FX674G97
PRICE £24.95

A selection of plain textured silver wallpapers.

silver linear wallpaper INF558K5
PRICE £66.00
brushed silver FX674G60
PRICE £24.95
textured metallic SY2815G0119
PRICE £49.95

A chevron inspired design with a difference! In reality this paper is impressive with its clearly defined lines in smooth and textured silver. Worth a sample!

pale grey and silver SFX677G17
PRICE £36.95
charcoal and silver wallpaper
PRICE £.00
silver metallic texture MO591G08
PRICE £34.95
mottled grey silver wallpaper SY1116G2309
PRICE £34.95
pale silver metallic MO591G14
PRICE £34.95

We believe that you need to see a sample, before any purchase, so that you will not be disappointed with the colour, quality or texture of any wallpaper. Make a note of the reference numbers and contact us for your three free samples. 

warm grey silver sheen SFX677G09
PRICE £36.95
silver grey fawn sheen SFX677G07
PRICE £36.95

This reflective ‘dribble’ effect wallpaper is really effective. An eye-catching option. Do send for a sample.

neutral silver copper sheen SFX677G08
PRICE £36.95
platinum metallic wallpaper SFX676G96
PRICE £36.95
silver blue metallic wallpaper SFX676G90
PRICE £36.95

 A beautiful effect with this one! 

silver metallic wallpaper SFX676G95
PRICE £36.95
silver and white wallpaper SFX677G31
PRICE £36.95

An impressive design perfect for a number of settings. 

white & silver wallpaper
silver blue metallic SFX676G80
PRICE £36.95
light silver metallic SFX676G81
PRICE £36.95
platinum metallic wallpaper SFX676G86
PRICE £36.95

A silver shimmer, effect wallpaper. Lots of variation on a theme! Other colours can be found on our metallic page.

metallic wallpaper
blue steel metallic SFX676G85
PRICE £36.95
silver metallic wallpaper SFX676G83
PRICE £36.95
silver grey metallic SFX677G39
PRICE £36.95

This unusual wallpaper has a smooth ‘shiny’ surface with a highly reflective sheen. More colours on our metallic page.

light silver grey SFX677G38
PRICE £34.95
silver metallic SFX677G40
PRICE £36.95
silver MO591G14
PRICE £.00

An unusual silver textural finish on this one. More colours available on our metallic page.

silver swirl wallpaper

This wallpaper illustrates a contemporary update on a tried and tested design. Silver lines meander their way down through a textured sheen backdrop.

grey and silver wallpaper SFX677G33
PRICE £36.95
charcoal and silver wallpaper SFX677G37
PRICE £36.95
pale grey and silver glitter wallpaper GL411G18
PRICE £34.95
feature wallpaper

There are many more contemporary colours in these two designs. See our feature wallpaper page. 

pale grey and glitter silver wallpaper GL411G21
PRICE £34.95
silver zigzag wallpaper AS1659P964
PRICE £58.00
silver zig-zag wallpaper
silver tessellating wallpaper AS1657P964
PRICE £52.00

Many more sheen wallpapers can be found on our metallic page. You will also find gold, copper and bronze textured wallpapers.

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