silver wallpaper with geometric design

Why contemporary wallpaper can set the mood.

We are using contemporary wallpaper in our homes more than ever before, becoming more experimental with the patterns we buy. Wallpaper is a (relatively) simple and inexpensive update to any home and we can use it to express our individuality and personality.

Wallpaper goes way beyond what can be achieved with paint and the choice of style, design, pattern and texture is greater than it has ever been.

From small geometric patterns to faux textured designs of concrete or wooden cladding, to botanical illustrations. Every taste is catered for, whether you live in a country cottage or a modern apartment, or, like most of us, in a relatively standard house.

When it comes to colour, well the variations abound. Grey, silver and neutral contemporary wallpaper designs are always popular and are still ‘on-trend’ but if you wish to bring more vibrant tones in to your life then there is a great selection of colourful wallpapers at your disposal. We have featured unusual wallpapers on our new website which we believe have the quality and design which our customers will love.

Our advice, take a look at what’s out there. Get some samples from our site and see how they work with your colour scheme, or fit with your decorating aspirations. Be bold or be subtle but be yourself – reflect your personality in your home!