blue grey glitter wallpaper

All that glitters – metallic wallpaper at its best!

As wallpaper suppliers we get really excited when something unusual enters the market especially when we are offered a sample book full of stunning designs. We are so pleased that one of the continued trends for 2019 is glitter and reflective metallic wallpapers.

Glitter wallpaper can be used effectively within any area, from a feature hallway wall to a small box room. For example, subtle reflective papers create a glamorous feel to a bedroom especially when using pastel colours such as green, pink or grey. A simple white sparkle paper can form the basis for a sophisticated look with clean lines but can also be used purely on the ceiling! Designers have varied the intensity of the amount of glitter on these wallpapers; some are densely sparkled whilst others are thinly spread. Such soft reflective glitter wallpapers can be used discretely on all four walls without making the room look small. In such a scheme you could add flamboyant soft lighting, sumptuous fabrics and boutique furniture to create an opulent interior. Key lighting can add drama to such a setting with fascinating sparkling effects created as sunlight and lighting hits the wall. On our website we have an eye-catching contemporary glitter ‘damask style’ motif wallpaper which would work perfectly in this type of scenario.

Other metallic sparkle designs in silver, copper or bronze can become a central element in a more contemporary scheme. Striking geometric glitter wallpaper designs are available which could even be used confidently in a living room. Many people opt to use these as a feature wall contrasting with complementary painted walls. taupe and bronze sparkle wallpaperWe particularly like the originality of the bronze/copper glitter wallpaper designs which could become a central part in the decor. Key metallic elements can be reflected as small accents elsewhere in a space.

When it comes to metallic wallpaper you can be spoilt for choice. Some wallpaper designers have updated tried and tested designs. For example, streamlined leaf wallpapers have been reinvented using accent sheen motifs whilst many designs have a sheen background which cleverly reflects the light. Some just incorporate a simple metallic dribble, adding that touch of originality! Do some research for inspiration!

Plain textured metallic wallpapers are still very much in vogue. A distressed, mottled appearance is a popular choice whilst a more regular finish is suitable in other settings. With modern printing techniques and impressive imagery contemporary wallpapers have either a smooth surface or tactile textured effect. Many invite you to feel the surface! The added advantage of these reflective wallpapers is that they often look different under varying lighting conditions.

In our opinion the advantages of wallpaper cannot be underestimated. Wallpaper is a relatively simple and inexpensive update to any home and we can use wallpaper to express our individuality and personality. Most of the wallpapers on our site are ‘paste the wall’ papers which makes the whole process of wallpapering so much easier. We are really pleased when we get unprompted comments from experienced decorators at the ease at which these papers can be applied to the wall.

Whether you are keen on patterns, stripes, geometric patterns or abstracts, there are a variety of excellent glitter and metallic wall-coverings available. Our advice: take a thorough look at what’s out there, get some samples and see how they work with your colour scheme, or fit with your decorating aspirations. Be bold or be subtle but be yourself – quite literally ‘reflect’ your personality in your home!